14 January 2008

Day 2

14 January 2008

Elephant Safari Park in Taro. I still can't believe we got so close to these awesome animals.

If the story is true, the elephants were rescued from Sumatra where they were being poached by angry farmers.

These were some talented elephants. They played basketball, soccer, harmonica, did math, etc.

We got to feed them bamboo shoots. Lots and lots of bamboo shoots.

It was a fun ride, but I wish we didn't have to use the silly chairs.

After the Elephant Park, we had a little bit of a traumatizing experience. As we were headed back to our hotel, our driver hit a stray dog. Eric and I are still haunted by the memory of the thump and consequent yelping. I'm not sure if the dog made it or not, but we were sick to our stomachs for the rest of the ride home. I wasn't very happy with the driver. All he had to say afterward was, "Poor doggy."

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