04 August 2011

Nelson Reunion

04 August 2011
The Nelson clan. (We missed you Pallison!) And, yes, we fit all of these hoodlums in our 3 BR, 1450 sq ft townhome.

Adorable little Paigey Pie.
Playing and dancing in the pouring down rain.
All of us at the cabin in Donnelly. More pix of the cabin here.

Not the intended hike (Boulder Lake) but pretty nonetheless.

Trey and Ava found Cope's makeup.

Nelson & Amy @ the lake

Nelson, Marielle, Amy & Brynne


Naomi, Cope & Savannah - On our way to Starlight Mountain Theater (Singing in the Rain)

Uncle Eric with Ava the character

Perdy cousins and great friends, Cope and Savannah

The McDonalds (Savannah is mid-sneeze)
Patalie Fam (drove all the way from CA with newborn baby Claire)

Makechnie Fam (drove all the way from New Hampshire!)

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GrannyLanny said...

Wonderful pictures. I heard that it was a great time.